Sabtu, 02 Maret 2013

The Preparations..

this is little parts of my wedding..

little but precious..

amazing how my mom prepare it for us because i cant present myself to prepare my own wedding in my hometown..

the occasion wrk very well, special, and i love it..

thanks mom..


the rings

invitation card

kebaya for akad

The Day

Hi Guys..

i want to share few pictures from my wedding..

i was very happy because most of my best friends came to my occasion..

its the best day and i want to share it with my very best friend..

thanks guys for coming, your prayers will accompany me and my longlife partner for the rest of our lives..

i love you guys and i hope you will find your most beautiful day ahead..

mbak primi and mas haikal

riffa and mas ochon

hemas, her sister and lucky

sonta, agyl, devi and andika

my husband's futsal team

tika, titis, idham, gondrong and partner

my husband's campus friends

i want to share it more..

because this is few of my friends and i appreciate them so much..

thanks guys..

oh my God, look how jumbo i am..