Jumat, 30 November 2012

70's approachment..

hi guys..

recently i do really miss my style in 2009..
that time, i was deadly in love with 60's and 70's style..
i adore the girls in those decades because they can decide their own style..
whether its mod or hippies..

i concider to bring back my 70's soul..
but its just experiment..
that i couldn't ressist to imagine..

wing eyes by revlon eye shadow

70's pose (close up by side)

try to make hair bump.. but failed..

zara basic for top, old ring by my friend's shop, bandana is a gift from fiancee

70's era is full of hippy touch..
and the era that human become conscious about earth..
they implement the idea to style..
you can find the colours of 70's era is like earth colour..
khaki, camel colour, brown, dark red, soil colour, etc..
the pattern is flowery and big mod prints..

i hope you guys can make your own experiment based on your own style..
keep stylish..

aztec girl dominations..

hi guys..
such a looong time i didn't share my latest style..
there is a lot of style i want to share..
i always forgot...

poor my brain..

and this post i made in my dorm room..
it was so hot till i can get out like a steam pork..
but i love my dorm room..
because its like my nest..
not for breeding (rrrrrr..)
but for sanctuary..

and i have my style inspirations beneath..

summer time

suede magenta/fuschia loafers

light blue pants and salem tees

blue timex watch and aztec bag from gogirl magz

lately i like neon colour match with pastel or soft colour..

maybe aztec pattern is so... last month (?) but hey this pattern is so cool..

and i dont really care about what is on or what is out..

dress with fun girls!

i hope i can share my other style for you..

keep stylish..

sweet escape

hi guys..
i'am sorry for my recent updates about Tongki..
the video couldn't be displayed..

by the way, this is some pictures for my holiday in Beras Basah..
part 2..

check out..

lalala land

yeah yeah yeah

enjoy the coconuts




sands group


i think that's all guys..
gonna meet up with holiday soon..
you know, i think i can blow myself up, because recently i feel like a giant..

can you share the fast way to back to slim..
dang it..

Jumat, 23 November 2012

Tongki The Fart Cat..

Hi guys..

Suddenly i miss my fiancee former cat..

he wad died couple months ago..

me and my fiancee brought him out from neighbourhood cafetaria..

he was so smart ass..

i dont know what to say anymore.. just check out this video..

he madly deeply likes to watch TV..

i'm sorry if its blurry, its video from cellphone camera

me and tongki

Good Bye Tongki..

Escape Trip.. Beras Basah Island

Hi Guys...

Lately, me with my few friends went to the island nearby..

its approximately 30 mins by boat from Bontang..

it was long weekend and we dont know what to do..

it was kind of short trip escape..

and we were so thrilled..

here is the pictures i captured from the Beras Basah Island..

Beras Basah Island
bathroom sandals and clamsheel cheek
hell yeah, the big fat girl on the right is me.. (Shoot!)
and... i think that's it for now..

i still editing the other pictures..

see you guys in my other holiday..

by the way, i'm on diet right now..


keep stylish!

Rabu, 14 November 2012

Misses the Mist

I miss all the things that always keep me confident..

of course the one and only..
Fashion Things

I miss the hectic during photo session for my online shop..
i miss the craziness behind the camera..
i miss the fight betwiin me and the stuffs seller..
i miss offer my stuffs to the customers, beg to them..

me and my model, Rosha and also Flavi, the umbrella
Great Times..

BorNew Life

Hi Guys..

It felt like forever i didnt blog after this time..
right now, i moved from my hometown Malang, Indonesia to Bontang, East Borneo, Indonesia..
can you imagine? i thought that i was born to be a city girl..
but when you're grow up, there's a lot of reasons that you were not the same person anymore..

this is Bontang, East Borneo..
enermous trees an also factory..

i move to Borneo because i have to follow my fiancee that already work in here..

i really miss my hometown..

so bad..

but, i got a lot of experiences here..
i imagine this is where my contemplation place is..
i learn so many things, in work, in social life, everything..
trust me, far from home makes you stronger and more faithful..

i believe that my life would be great ahead..
and i have faith that i still the same person were dyingly interest in fashion..

yes, i work as a banker now..
cant you believe it?

they are my new friend from Borneo..
they are great companions and so hillarious..

new life..
but the same me..

Keep Stylish..

2012 and Between The World And Me

Hi Guys, what happen between you and the world lately?

this year is full of surprise for me..

because i would say the word..

I DO..

yes, i would tie the knot with the one i love..

its been a long road because i went steady with him almost 5 years..

please pray for me..

not only for the wedding ceremony..

but our life after the wedding..

how i can stay longer than forever for this eternal relationship..

this is holy relationship for me..

i am sorry guys i cant share the engagement..

fool me, i forgot where i put the camera..

but i can show you the simplest thing that tied my finger..

and yes, he is the one..

those when we were 20..

i miss those days..

thanks for asked me to be your one..