Rabu, 14 November 2012

BorNew Life

Hi Guys..

It felt like forever i didnt blog after this time..
right now, i moved from my hometown Malang, Indonesia to Bontang, East Borneo, Indonesia..
can you imagine? i thought that i was born to be a city girl..
but when you're grow up, there's a lot of reasons that you were not the same person anymore..

this is Bontang, East Borneo..
enermous trees an also factory..

i move to Borneo because i have to follow my fiancee that already work in here..

i really miss my hometown..

so bad..

but, i got a lot of experiences here..
i imagine this is where my contemplation place is..
i learn so many things, in work, in social life, everything..
trust me, far from home makes you stronger and more faithful..

i believe that my life would be great ahead..
and i have faith that i still the same person were dyingly interest in fashion..

yes, i work as a banker now..
cant you believe it?

they are my new friend from Borneo..
they are great companions and so hillarious..

new life..
but the same me..

Keep Stylish..

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