Jumat, 30 November 2012

aztec girl dominations..

hi guys..
such a looong time i didn't share my latest style..
there is a lot of style i want to share..
i always forgot...

poor my brain..

and this post i made in my dorm room..
it was so hot till i can get out like a steam pork..
but i love my dorm room..
because its like my nest..
not for breeding (rrrrrr..)
but for sanctuary..

and i have my style inspirations beneath..

summer time

suede magenta/fuschia loafers

light blue pants and salem tees

blue timex watch and aztec bag from gogirl magz

lately i like neon colour match with pastel or soft colour..

maybe aztec pattern is so... last month (?) but hey this pattern is so cool..

and i dont really care about what is on or what is out..

dress with fun girls!

i hope i can share my other style for you..

keep stylish..

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