Jumat, 30 November 2012

70's approachment..

hi guys..

recently i do really miss my style in 2009..
that time, i was deadly in love with 60's and 70's style..
i adore the girls in those decades because they can decide their own style..
whether its mod or hippies..

i concider to bring back my 70's soul..
but its just experiment..
that i couldn't ressist to imagine..

wing eyes by revlon eye shadow

70's pose (close up by side)

try to make hair bump.. but failed..

zara basic for top, old ring by my friend's shop, bandana is a gift from fiancee

70's era is full of hippy touch..
and the era that human become conscious about earth..
they implement the idea to style..
you can find the colours of 70's era is like earth colour..
khaki, camel colour, brown, dark red, soil colour, etc..
the pattern is flowery and big mod prints..

i hope you guys can make your own experiment based on your own style..
keep stylish..

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