Rabu, 14 November 2012

2012 and Between The World And Me

Hi Guys, what happen between you and the world lately?

this year is full of surprise for me..

because i would say the word..

I DO..

yes, i would tie the knot with the one i love..

its been a long road because i went steady with him almost 5 years..

please pray for me..

not only for the wedding ceremony..

but our life after the wedding..

how i can stay longer than forever for this eternal relationship..

this is holy relationship for me..

i am sorry guys i cant share the engagement..

fool me, i forgot where i put the camera..

but i can show you the simplest thing that tied my finger..

and yes, he is the one..

those when we were 20..

i miss those days..

thanks for asked me to be your one..


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